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    High School Spiritwear and Apparel

    High school is all about school spirit.  Whether it’s homecoming, spirit week, a pep assembly, sports game, school dance, or the whole nine yards, it’s time for your spiritwear to shine.  Now, more than ever, is the time for multiple shirts and hoodies – think about all the activities we just listed!  The best place to refresh your high school spiritwear and apparel collection is 1st Place Spiritwear.  We provide several options for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors that you (or your student) will wear everywhere.

    At 1st Place, we’ve covered everyone from future students to alumni.  We pride ourselves on offering hundreds of original designs developed by leading T-shirt graphic designers for schools large and small across the country.  We care about the quality of our products, which is why you’ll find that our apparel is crafted from the best materials on the market and quality checked numerous times before it’s shipped out to you.

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    About 1st Place Spiritwear:  School Spirit Wear for ALL Schools

    We specialize in school spirit wear for all ages: from elementary and middle schoolers to junior and high schoolers.  We guarantee the highest quality gear and we’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.  Not only that, but our designs are originals created by leading T-shirt graphic designers.  We want to simplify the concept of school spirit wear, making fundraisers more direct and organized while simultaneously making spiritwear more accessible.

    Now, you don’t have to attend a specific sports game, orientation, concert, school event, or meeting to get spirit wear for your school.  You don’t have to wait for students selling door-to-door to support their organization.  You don’t have to worry.